Friday, February 25, 2011

House GOP Votes to Defund Healthcare Law

According to the NAHU newsletter the House voted on Friday, February 18th, to block funding for the healthcare law in several ways. Republicans charged the law is an unconstitutional government takeover of healthcare and a budget-buster, while Democrats blasted attempts to eliminate consumer protections, such as allowing individuals with pre-existing conditions access to health coverage. President Obama announced he 'strongly opposes' it before the new amendments even passed. In fact, the Administration stated, "If the president is presented with a bill that undermines critical priorities or national security through funding levels or restrictions, contains earmarks, or curtails the drivers of long-term economic growth and job creation while continuing to burden future generations with deficits, the president will veto the bill."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A federal judge yesterday ruled that the health care reform is unconstitutional. The judge said that the federal governement cannot require Americans to buy health insurance. 26 states have joined together to fight the law. In December a federal judge in Virgina issued a similiar rulling although two other federal judges have upheld the law. Many expect the fight to reach the Supreme Court.